The MaGown-Roberts Memorial Fund is a non-profit organization that was established on 7 May 1968. The fund raises money for the purpose of awarding educational grants to assist students to obtain education beyond secondary or high school level and shall be awarded on the basis of needs and relative merits of the applicants without regard to their race, color, creed, or sex; provided that the applicant is or was; or one of the parents whether natural or court appointed, is or was, or the spouse is; a member in good standing of the Rhode Island Air National Guard.

The MaGown-Roberts Memorial fund has two primary methods of collecting funds to support scholarships; the 10-month club raffle ticket sales and our annual golf tournament. Both opportunities are open to all current and former members of the Rhode Island Air National Guard, their families and friends.

The MaGown-Roberts Scholarship Fund

The MaGown-Roberts Scholarship Fund, Inc. was established on May 7, 1968 in memory of Col MaGown and Lt Col Roberts. This fund provides scholarships for the educational support of Rhode Island Air National Guardsmen, their family and the children of those deceased guardsmen, who at the time of death were active in the Air National Guard.

MaGown-Roberts Memorial Fund

On Wednesday, 9 March 1966, an HU-168 aircraft returning home to Rhode Island from Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, crashed in Smithfield, Virginia, resulting in the death of Colonel Robert M. MaGown, Commander of the 143rd Air Commando Group and Lt Col Edward F. Roberts, Operations Staff Officer, 143rd Air Commando Group.

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